What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016 – part 1

What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016 – part 1 – highlights

SOLIDWORKS 2016 was released last week, and in the next few weeks I’ll be expounding upon what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2016. Here are some of the overall functional highlights of what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2016, and what’s been updated in each environment. I’ll talk us through each of these areas in future posts.

Highlights – What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016

SOLIDWORKS 2016 delivers many enhancements and improvements, most created in direct response to customer requests. This release focuses on helping you get your work done faster and easier than ever before:

What's New SOLIDWORKS 2016

What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016

Focus on your design, not the software: Work smarter and get the CAD system out of your way.
Solve complex problems faster and easier: Access innovative tools to solve complex problems.
Streamline your parallel design processes: Use integrated mechatronic design processes, concurrent design on one platform, streamlined electrical and mechanical design, and collaborate across multiple disciplines from design to manufacturing.
Fast-track your designs to manufacturing: Create better outputs for manufacturing, streamline
the process, and shorten the product development cycle.

The top enhancements for SOLIDWORKS 2016 provide improvements to existing products
and innovative new functionality.

User Interface

  • Selection breadcrumbs
  • Overall user interface redesign

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals

• Callout Improvements
• Expandable PropertyManager Input Boxes
• Redesigned Triad

• Component Preview Window
• Copying Multiple Components
• Globally Replace Failed Mate Reference
• Mate Controller
• Mirroring Assembly Features
• Renaming Components in the FeatureManager Design Tree
• Replacing Subassemblies with Multibody Parts Assemblies

• Costing Assemblies Report
• Rules-based Costing

Drawings and Detailing
• Automatic Border
• Flag Notes
• Foreshortening of Linear Dimensions
• Model Break Views Within Drawings
• Part and Assembly Watermarks
• Rearranging Stacked Balloons

• Rotating Models
• Units of Measure

• Annotate Documents with eDrawings
• Integration with CircuitWorks Lite
• Properties Side Panels

• Modifying Custom Properties of PDFs Using PDF Plug-in
• SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard • Synchronizing a Revision Variable to a Revision Number
• Using the SOLIDWORKS PDF Task Add-in

• Exporting to the IFC 4.0 Format
• Importing PTC Creo 3.0 Files

Parts and Features
• Adding Rods and Tubes with Circular Profile
• Creating a Bidirectional Sweep
• Curvature Continuous Edge Fillets
• Custom Thread
• Dynamic Preview for Intersect and Mutual Trim Tools
• Flatten Surface Enhancements

Sheet Metal
• Cuts in Swept Flanges
• Edge Flanges
• Using Flattened Mass

• Alternate Curvature Based Mesher
• Detecting Unconstrained Bodies
• Equation-driven Results
• Improved Solver Error Messages
• Sectioning the Mesh

• Equal Length and Equal Radius Parametric Relations
• Selecting Midpoints with Dynamic Highlighting
• Style Spline Support for B-Splines

• Editing Multiple Configurations of a Toolbox Component
• Replacing Toolbox Components

• Transferring Material Properties from Library Profiles

What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016 by VTN