What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015 (beta) – part 3

What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015 (beta) – part 3 –

by Video-Tutorials.Net.

In this third post about what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015 (beta), I will continue listing some more of the new interface updates.

Next let’s talk about what’s new in the Modify Dimension dialog window. Before, you’d see a list of dimension you used previously in the type-ahead drop down list. I guess users didn’t find this very useful, or maybe they complained about it. I agree that this wasn’t so useful. In any case, your previously used dimensions no longer appear, but any features that start with a letter (instead of a number) will still show up as suggested values. (That’s because you still want quick access to your variables.) So, a little extra intelligence; thumbs up.

There are some updates to the Save / Restore Settings that I find helpful. Before you could only use this tool when you didn’t have any files open. So, if you didn’t know this, then you’d think you couldn’t use this tool. Or that it was a software glitch. You get to the tool from the Tools command on the main Windows menu strip. Or, you can get to it from the Options menu flyout. OR, from the Resources tab of the Task Pane (that’s the group of tools on the right of the screen) you can open the Copy Settings Wizard and select Save Settings or Restore Settings. So SOLIDWORKS gives you lots of ways to get to it now.

The Copy Settings Wizard now lets you save and restore mouse gestures. Before you could only back them up if you were backing up system options.

Next, let’s talk about the new Selection Context Toolbar. When you right-click in blank space, this new toolbar shows up on top of the shortcut menu. This is a thumbs up in my opinion! It gives instant access to the most frequently used selection tools. It includes the new Previous Selection tool. This reselects the entities of your previous selection.

Stay tuned for more!

What's new in SOLIDWORKS 2015

What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015