Tutorials on Apple / Android mobile devices | SolidWorks tutorials

Question: I use a Mac / iPad/ iPhone / Android tablet / Android phone. Can I see your SolidWorks tutorials? 

Answer: Why, yes! Not just the SolidWorks tutorials, but all the tutorials.

While the downloaded courses and the discs can be used on a Windows operating system, you can see our courses via our online library at, The only software prerequisite for viewing this course online is the free Adobe Flash Player, available for download at There are all sorts of apps for viewing Flash now, so you won’t have any trouble. If you don’t have a solution already in place, one option for iOS and Android devices is the Puffin Browser. This has a free trial, and only costs $3 actually. It is a browser that is optimized for Flash on android tablets and iPads.

Here is the link to the Puffin Browser:

For Android, you can also use Firefox + Flash 11. Here is a link for Flash 11 for Android:

Here is a link for Firefox for Android: or