Disc, download, online–what do I get with my course??

Hi everyone,

I’m getting a lot of questions about what you actually get with your course. I’m sorry it’s not clear on the product pages (I thought it was, but I’ll go ahead and take a look when I’ve got some downtime, to clear up any confusion).

SO: with every course, you get the download and streaming. You can download files and keep them permanently, writing them to your drive, external media, disc, stick, whatever. You can back them up and uninstall and reinstall them as you see fit for the rest of your days.  You need to use our player, and be connected to the internet the first time you view a video, so that you can sign in and download your license. This is our DRM system, and it’s how we try to protect against piracy. Some people complain that this is annoying, but for every purchase I have, there are literally thousands of pirated downloads. I had to move to DRM in order to stay in business.

The online streaming is available to you for 12 months from your purchase date.  This require just the free adobe flash player and an internet connection.

If you want a disc, you need to order it for extra; it’s $15 and that includes the shipping worldwide. The only reason you’d really need a disc is if, for example, it’s too annoying to download dozens of courses, say, if you’ve purchased one of our larger bundles. Here’s the link to the back-up DVD item; you have to add this to your shopping cart in addition to the course you want.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion about what you get with your purchase! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly by email or telephone. If you forgot to get the disc, don’t worry; it’s not too late; just call or write and I’ll help you get sorted.

Thanks, Rosanna D – VTN