Top 10 updates! What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015 –

 Top 10 updates – What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015?

More of my latest favorite topic – here are some top 10 updates about what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015.

1. New Product Development Workflows

  • SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) enables drawingless product detailing with 3D PMI annotations; output to eDrawings® or 3D PDF
  • SOLIDWORKS Treehouse provides visual assembly structure planning, creation, editing, and viewing
    Prepare models automatically for export to popular AEC applications

Benefits: Reduce time to market and comply with new industry standards.

2. Integrated Capabilities Connect Design and Manufacturing

  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection automates inspection drawings and reports
  • SOLIDWORKS Costing supports sensors and costing of weldments, plastic/cast parts, machined castings, and 3D printed parts
    Print directly to 3D printers in AMF and 3MF formats
  • Use advanced techniques to flatten surfaces

Benefits: Speed up downstream manufacturing and bridge the gap between design and manufacturing.

3. SOLIDWORKS Performance

  • File size reduced by ~50%
  • Faster component patterning, and hide/show of assemblies
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation supports Intel® Solver and multi-core for contact detection
  • Define specific graphic regions to render in PhotoView360
  • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM manages large data sets more efficiently

Benefits: Faster modeling, analysis, and rendering capabilities leaves more time to improve designs.

4. Part and Surface Modeling

  • Sketch: Line from mid-point; rectangle with horizontal/vertical construction lines
  • Splines: Improved Spline on Surface; convert Style Spline to Spline Points
  • Patterns: Improved Fill, Linear, and Variable Pattern
  • Advanced geometry: Asymmetric Fillets; split surfaces; sketch plane normal to view

Benefits: Create sketches, complex patterns, and advanced geometry faster and with less effort.

5. Assemblies

  • Mates: Center components on faces; select geometry to limit Width Mate
  • Routing for rectangular sections, e.g., HVAC ducts, cable trays and chutes
  • Simulate roller/energy chains using patterns along open or closed loops
  • Exploded View: Radially and along axis; space components on drag

Benefits: Faster and easier assembly of components.

Top 10 updates What’s New in Solidworks 2015

6. Drawing Improvements

  • Track view locations with automated drawing sheet zone annotations
  • Enhanced formatting control of drawing and table notes
  • Omit layers from printing; use splines as leaders
  • Improved angle dimensioning and command of decimal rounding

Benefits: Find drawing views faster, and experience more automation and control.

7. Design Simulation

  • Predict product durability under dynamic loading and manage a combination of load conditions in SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • View nonlinear results during the solve in SOLIDWORKS Simulation to ensure convergence
  • Rotating mesh regions in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation deliver enhanced simulation of rotating machinery
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics improves plastic part design with up-front Venting Analysis

Benefits: Simulate real-life scenarios to predict product performance prior to manufacturing.

8. Electrical Design

  • Dynamic Connector tools simplify the design and use of connectors
  • Advanced access to user-based controls for key tools
  • In-line 3D routing diagnostics identifies and resolves routing issues
  • Advanced Formula Manager provides access to system and mathematical variables in complex formulas

Benefits: Accelerate the development, creation, and integrity of electrical systems designs.

9. User Experience

  • Dynamic Reference Visualization shows a graphical view of relationships between features
  • Selection Sets let you select multiple entities and save for reuse
  • Isolate components while editing in context within an assembly
  • Temporarily preview hidden bodies or components from FeatureManager

Benefits: Work more efficiently and better understand / visualize design intent of your models.

10. Expand Communication and Collaboration

  • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Web2 client connects browser-ready devices to a vault
  • eDrawings now has a UI adapted for touchscreen, and supports SOLIDWORKS Plastics result plots
  • MySolidWorks offers enhanced online learning and certification; ability to share/view designs online and research a global manufacturing network.
  • Collaborative Sharing uses community-based social innovation to provide greater connectivity to SOLIDWORKS, eDrawings, and DraftSight®

Benefits: Expand the reach of design tools with faster, easier connections and better social collaboration – anytime, anywhere.

What's new in SOLIDWORKS 2015

top 10 updates – What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015