SOLIDWORKS 2015 what’s new – Up to Reference

More about what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – Up to Reference

What’s “Up to Reference?” Improvements to working with linear patterns in SOLIDWORKS 2015

Up to Reference is a new option in the linear pattern feature that is similar to the equal spacing option in the circular pattern and allows for creation of intelligent patterns. SOLIDWORKS 2015 has improved control of linear patterns with the addition of the Up to Reference option. In previous versions of SOLIDWORKS, we only had spacing and number of instances options for when we created the pattern.  The “Up to Reference” option allows you to select an edge, vertex or face as a reference to control how many instances will be created at a given spacing.

Once you activate the linear pattern tool, your next job is to select the first direction of the pattern. Then we select features to pattern.  If we use the Up to Reference option, then we can choose the reference–an edge, vertex or face. Then we can specify an offset distance, a second direction, a number of instances, etc.

An offset from that reference is available to maintain proper spacing from the end. If the location of the reference is moved, the number of instances is recalculated. Another option is to choose a fixed number of equally spaced instances without regard to the spacing. If the reference moves the spacing is adjusted to fit, maintaining the fixed number of instances.

This new capability of the linear pattern is a tremendous time saver, as it is no longer necessary to create equations to achieve the same results!

Thanks!  Rosanna D, VTN

What's new in SOLIDWORKS 2015

What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015