“How can I extrude some slots on a cylindrical rod?” Your SolidWorks tutorials Q&A

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So we’re back to the business of posting your questions and answers. I try to answer a few a month, although if I don’t get to yours don’t take it personally. I get about 50 questions submitted to me each day!  The SolidWorks tutorials question is this: “I’m working on a model where I need to extrude a few slots on a cylinder. I can’t get it straight. What I do is draw the slots, and I set up two planes for the two arcs, then convert to a 3D sketch, but I get an error when I accept the extrude parameters. Please help!”

Yes, I can help. Here is a video about how to sort out this SolidWorks issue. Click here to watch the video, or follow the link below:

SolidWorks Tutorials – Questions & Answers – Extrusion of Slot

SolidWorks Tutorials Questions and Answers - Extruding Slots

SolidWorks Tutorials Questions and Answers – how to extrude slots on a cylindrical rod

In my SolidWorks Tutorials: Questions and Answers example, I create a cylindrical rod of 200m in length, just using a circle sketch that I exit and extrude. Then, I create a support plane, offset from the top plane by 60mm. Next, I’ll create a sketch on that new support plane. That’s where I create my two slots. And exit the sketch. Now, from here, if I try to use the project curve command, I get an error message which says that the sketch contains more than one open/closed profile. So what I’m going to do is use the split line tool.

For more info, please watch the video and stay tuned for the pdf/html of this SolidWorks Tutorials: Questions & Answers.