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New SolidWorks Tutorials Playlists and SolidWorks Tutorials Updates

We’ve just published numerous updates to our SolidWorks tutorials video library. You can see many of these new tutorials on our youtube playlists, which are cited below. Be sure to enter “youtube” in our shopping cart at checkout to save 10% on any video tutorials. Reminder, you can buy all the courses in one library for the best price, the SolidWorks Platinum Tutorials Library.

SolidWorks Simulation Tutorials – Playlist
SolidWorks Simulation – course

SolidWorks Simulation is a SolidWorks add on (you need to pay extra for this module) that lets you evaluate your models for loading, response, materials and more, to improve product reliability. In this virtual testing environment, you can run your model through a variety of tests, or “studies”, to understand how it will hold up. There are analyses for structure, linear stress, vibration, motion, plastic and rubber parts, thermal structure, frequency, drop-test and more.

SolidWorks eDrawing Tutorials – Playlist
SolidWorks eDrawing – course

eDrawing is a built-in SolidWorks utility (included with SolidWorks) that lets you share your data across multiple environments. eDrawings is the easiest way to share your work confidentially with colleagues and clients. It lets you comment and share files, create different views and much more.

SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorials – Playlist
SolidWorks Sheet Metal – course

SolidWorks Sheet Metal is one of the principal design environments of SolidWorks, and this is where you create and manipulate models that are created and manufactured from metal sheets, so, you need to understand, for example, where to bend the sheet to create a model that can be manufactured successfully, how to create and evaluate the model in flattened form, etc.

SolidWorks Mold Design Tutorials – Playlist
SolidWorks Mold Design – course

The mold design environment in SolidWorks lets you create molds of various materials and analyze mold ejection success and performance. The result of your work in the mold design environment is a multibody part with separate bodies for the cavity of the mold, the core of the mold and the molded part.

SolidWorks Assembly Tutorials – Playlist
SolidWorks Assembly – course

In 3D CAD parametric modeling software, you create parts in the modeling environment, and then you put them together into what’s called an assembly. In the assembly environment, you put the parts together using what are called mates (this secures the parts together in the right way), and you can create animations of how your model is supposed to work.

SolidWorks Advanced Part Modeling – Playlist
SolidWorks Advanced Part Modeling – course

This course assumes knowledge of basic SolidWorks CAD principles such as sketching and part modeling. We take you through a variety of case studies to help grow your part modeling skills for advanced work.

SolidWorks Surface Design – Playlist
SolidWorks Surface Design – course

In 3D CAD modeling, you can create solid models or surface models, that is, models with zero wall thickness. This is commonly used for complex part design, such as for automotive and aeronatics. This course assumes intermediate knowlege of sketching and part modeling in SolidWorks, and includes numerous case studies and projects. We welcome you to visit our SolidWorks tutorials on this website.

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