Missing component #3 – SOLIDWORKS toolbox video tutorials

SOLIDWORKS ToolBox video tutorials- Missing Components part 3

And here is the final part of this video sequence from the SOLIDWORKS toolbox video tutorials course, about how to use toolbox to protect you in the event of files going missing….as you recall I’d messed up on the audio encoding the first time I published these on youtube, but I’ve since fixed that booboo and here is the sequence again! Now, this isn’t a flashy bell & whistle functionality of SOLIDWORKS, but there are lots of little things like this in the program that can really help you out in a pinch; if you get comfortable organizing your work in a systematic, thoughtful way, such as by taking advantage of the Toolbox part library, this gives you an extra layer of comfort in handling the numerous part files that you deal with as your model and assembly grow and grow.

Missing Components – part 3 SOLIDWORKS Toolbox video tutorials

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