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New SolidWorks ToolBox Video Tutorial just released

88 minutes, 28 videos. $25; available online and via downloaded (both included in the price).

What is SolidWorks ToolBox?

It’s a great little library utility used by SolidWorks. Your default installation of SolidWorks won’t have it enabled however; you’ll need to go through the “add-in” process to make it available. Toolbox is a library of parts that uses “Smart Part” Technology to automatically select fasteners and assemble them in the desired sequence. Essentially, it greatly simplifies the speed at which you can bring in standard parts to your models and assemblies. You can also add your own parts to the toolbox for extra convenience.

We have a 15 minute playlist SolidWorks tutorial posted at our youtube channel, videotutorials2. View the SolidWorks ToolBox Tutorials playlist.

This SolidWorks tutorial is available for sale at our website. View the SolidWorks ToolBox Tutorial course catalog page. This course comes bundled with the SolidWorks Platinum (complete) video library, or is available as a stand-alone download. Your purchase also includes the 12 mo. streaming access of the course from any computer.

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