SOLIDWORKS Sketch Intermediate Skills Video Tutorial – 2014 course out.

SolidWorks Sketch (Intermediate Skills course)

Here is a SOLIDWORKS video tutorial from our new SOLIDWORKS Sketching course (2014). Why am I using all CAPS to write SOLIDWORKS? Well, this is the new Dassault policy; they require us vendors and partners to refer to this cool software now in all caps!  Here’s the video, showing you how to use the Select tool.  Why is this of any use? In this age of project-oriented teaching, why bother with the basics? Why bother getting to really know the software?

You know, my son’s grade two teacher told me sort of the same thing: they don’t teach spelling any more in school, because they want the kids to focus on more creative work. So my sweet lil’ guy can make a great painting and knows what the Ukrainians in Saskatoon ate 100 years ago, but his printing and spelling are at kindergarten level, and if I don’t teach him at home he will be essentially illiterate by grade 3. Hence I’m posting this video in revolt to all those people who say project-oriented learning is the superior way to get it done. We all need balance! Learn the basics. (They don’t teach cursive anymore either in school, wtf??)

In fact, the fewer mouse movements you have to make, the more productive you are. The faster you can get stuff done; the less tedious it is for you to design, and the more neurons you can dedicate to your engineering creativity than to managing clunky software. Take a few minutes and give this SolidWorks Sketch tutorial a watch, on our youtube channel, videotutorials2!

Here’s the link to the new SolidWorks Sketch – Intermediate Skills Video Tutorial Course:

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Kind regards, Rosanna D – VTN

SolidWorks sketch tutorials by Video-Tutorials.Net

SolidWorks sketch tutorials by Video-Tutorials.Net