Learn what’s new in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 – video

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 – What’s New?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 - what's new?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 – what’s new?

Interested in learning what’s new in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016? This is an excellent built-in FEA stress analysis tool that works right inside SOLIDWORKS, and Dassault is working hard to promote it as well as beefing up the software itself so that it can help you troubleshoot your designs for manufacturing at the lowest cost possible. That’s a mouthful, but essentially that’s the whole purpose of bringing simulation into the design environment.

Innovative design simulation enables you to visualize and verify functionality, and find problems before they happen. We’ve made validating your designs even easier and faster with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016.

New functionality in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 offers you:

  • Improved control over operation sequencing, part movements, and mesh quality for detailed design simulations
  • Calculated loads that remain accurate throughout the entire operation, with no artificial stresses induced
  • The ability to section the mesh for insight into internal mesh structure to ensure desired mesh density at any location in the model
  • Confidence to determine the forces needed for operations to ensure they meet requirements
  • Check out all the new enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 to validate your designs faster and find problems before they happen

Interested in learning more about what’s new in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016, and how you can put this incredible software to work for you? We don’t blame you; we love it! Click here for the free video from Dassault about how to work in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016:

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Rosanna D, VTN