SOLIDWORKS Robotics – Aldebaran Robotics develops impressive prototypes using SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Robotics – what’s new from SOLIDWORKS

 “People like our robot. They are not intimidated by it, and SOLIDWORKS helped us achieve our goal.”
– Bruno Maisonnier, Founder/CEO… some words from the French company, Aldebaran Robotics, regarding its use of SolidWorks software for design, analysis, mold simulation, and product data management solutions to develop robots that are helpful and fun.



This company’s business is developing and commercializing humanoid robots. It introduced the NAO® robot—the most advanced humanoid robot to date. It’s a big technological leap forward in robotic development, and SOLIDWORKS was instrumental in getting it done.

SOLIDWORKS Robotics Solutions

Aldebran uses SolidWorks® Premium design, SolidWorks Simulation Premium analysis, SolidWorks Plastics injection molding analysis, and SolidWorks Enterprise PDM product data management software. Their achievements include creating robots with humanlike movements, and taking care of structural, thermal, and injection molding issues. They were also able to automate wiring layouts and develop a robotic platform for autism therapy. It’s a remarkable achievement.

Here’s a link to the SOLIDWORKS case study: SOLIDWORKS Robotics case study