SOLIDWORKS reducing design errors

SOLIDWORKS Reducing Design Errors

The Simulation module now included within SOLIDWORKS is pretty helpful at reducing design errors, and Dassault is promoting it shamelessly, something that we fully support because it’s actually really darn good. The most expensive part of the design and manufacturing process isn’t design or prototyping; it’s actually fixing the screw-ups that were not anticipated. Naturally; how could we mere humans learn in any way other than trial and error? Unfortunately trial and error in global manufacturing, with multiple manufacturing locations around the world (often operating in pretty extreme conditions like heat and complex composite materials), separated from design teams that are also scattered around the globe, can be super expensive.

Reducing Design Errors with SOLIDWORKS FEA analysis

Reducing Design Errors with SOLIDWORKS FEA analysis

More and more, it’s imperative to cut costs where possible, and there is truly  no better place to focus than reducing design errors during the design workflow itself. What if you were able to test your design’s suitability for a variety of complex conditions, ahead of the manufacturing process, and then simply make adjustments to your design right then, rather than waiting until a big expensive problem gets spit back at you from the manufacturing floor? Yep, sounds good, right? That’s why reducing design errors by incorporating ever-easier to use testing tools right into the design workflow is sounding more and more attractive to companies, especially the big players, where it’s easily worth their money.

Designing in 3D gives you many benefits—from visualization and clash detection, to quickly making design changes. But when things start to go wrong, you could spend more time fixing problems than finishing your job; and this is not a topic typically discussed when you are choosing a new CAD system. In this video from Dassault, see how SOLIDWORKS can help you dramatically reduce errors, whether you’re a novice or an expert. Click here for the SOLIDWORKS video on reducing design errors>>

Thanks! Rosanna D, VTN