Build a mean pumpkin canon with SOLIDWORKS

Stress analysis, testing and more with SOLIDWORKS: Punkin Chunkin! The SOLIDWORKS pumpkin canon challenge…

Hee hee; in America launching your pumpkin is a cause for great fun. At my place we eat a couple of our pumpkins (roast them with shallots and peppers, puree into soup, yum!) but we have to save a couple for chopping up with our katana. But, for something a lil’ more complicated, check out this video from SOLIDWORKS, which shows you how there’s real science and engineering behind building your launcher and launching your pumpkin. Which pumpkins are aerodynamic? How can you factor in wind, weather? Just enter your contact info at this link.

Thanks! Rosanna D, VTN

Build your pumpkin canon with SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS pumpkin canon – design, test, build, revise!