SolidWorks Tutorials PDFS – beginner SolidWorks training documents

You asked for it! We have had many requests to provide some documentation for basic SolidWorks training. I will be posting a series of PDFs for SolidWorks tutorials, at the beginner level, at least ten of them. Here’s what’s in the first few:

01 – Introduction to SolidWorks – SolidWorks Tutorials

This tutorial covers the basics of how to install the software (your computer specs) and how to troubleshoot some video card issues.

02 – What the heck is Parametric Modeling, anyway? – SolidWorks Tutorials

This tutorial teaches you the basics of working with parametric 3D modeling; this fundamental concept is what demarcates the difference between 2D CAD drawing, like with AutoCAD, and 3D CAD modeling that is intended for manufacturing.

03 – SolidWorks Fast Start  – SolidWorks Tutorials

If your computer is having trouble loading SolidWorks, there is a neat option that lets you spread out the loading time of the software.

04 – SolidWorks Interface -Part 1  – SolidWorks Tutorials

Getting around the interface quickly and efficiently is what makes you hyper productive in SolidWorks! Take part 1 of our long tour of the SolidWorks interface in this SolidWorks tutorial.

For more SolidWorks training, please see, and visit our youtube channel,

Thanks! Rosanna D, VTN