SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch Events

Coming Soon SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch Events

SOLIDWORKS is hosting many live launch events to celebrate and introduce the release of SOLIDWORKS 2016 in September 2015.

The launch events are in-person, not online, and this is where you can learn what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2016 as well as watch masters at work with the software, showing you tips, tricks, shortcuts and how to work around bugs and glitches.

You need to reserve your seat ahead of time, and check to see if there’s an event in your city.

For some reason in Canada, there is only 1 event in the West, and that’s as far east as Saskatoon!! Lots of SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch Events in Toronto and the Montreal area, however. All the big US cities are covered, naturally.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch Events

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch Events

Here’s what happens at the launch events; it’s well worth your time:
– Experts demonstrate how SOLIDWORKS tools can be used in exciting and innovative ways.
– Get a tour of the updated graphic interface and introduced to the new features and functions.
– Get an introduction to some of the automated features that enable you to focus on the design aspect of your work, rather than CAD – that is, trying to figure out how to make the interface do what you want it to do. This is the biggest hurdle newcomers face when working in CAD, is how to ignore the interface to realize the ideas you have in your brain.
– Have the opportunity to discuss SOLIDWORKS tools that are specific to your industry, and how SOLIDWORKS unique tailorings to your industry can allow you to innovate more rapidly.
– And, of course, the fun part: network with others who attend. There may be peers from your industry there, and at the least, other local SOLIDWORKS engineers. These days, when we spend so much time with virtual networks, it’s a real treat to sit down with Real People.

For more information about where the SOLIDWORKS 2016 launch events are being held, please visit the SOLIDWORKS website, Yes, I am working on my SOLIDWORKS 2016 What’s New course, which will be published next month. The SOLIDWORKS 2016 release date is September 8, 2015!

Thanks! Rosanna D, VTN