SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta is out!

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta Released by Dassault

Yep, it’s true! On June 22, 2015, Dassault released SOLIDWORKS® 2016 Beta to the partners (companies and individuals like us who use SOLIDWORKS to provide third-party services or applications. Here’s the link to the Beta website, the single SOLIDWORKS portal for all news related to the beta release:

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta is out!

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta is out!

Alas, I want to share a bit of information about what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2016, but we are under non-disclosure so we can’t! It’s as well kept a secret as Star Wars 7 plot details!

Here’s a link to SOLIDWORKS Beta FAQ’s also. There’s some extra fun for you if you’re an existing SOLIDWORKS subscription (eg, you have an active subscription). Join the SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta program, and you get to test drive SOLIDWORKS 2016. You can submit bugs and issues, and they will get top priority for getting fixed before the release! Plus it’s an opportunity to connect with the global SOLIDWORKS community. Oh yeah, there are prizes!! So check out the SOLIDWORKS Beta website to enter the Beta program.

Thanks, Rosanna D, VTN

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