SOLIDWORKS 2015 video tutorials

www.Video-Tutorials.Net  Don’t forget to enter “partners” at checkout to save 25% on any courses in my library! Yes, you can use this coupon code on more than 1 course, and you can use it more than 1 time. Here’s what I’ve got for you; enjoy! Each of these courses has playlists at my Youtube channel so you can see sample videos, and gauge the quality and pacing for yourself:

SOLIDWORKS 2015 Essentials

SOLIDWORKS 2015 Assembly

SOLIDWORKS 2015 Intermediate Sketch Skills

SOLIDWORKS 2015 Advanced Part Modeling

SOLIDWORKS 2015 Advanced Assembly

PS – bundle the above courses together as the Silver Training Package for 75%+ savings! (This is about 15 hours of video training; it’s a lot of good, densely packed SOLIDWORKS training that you can start, stop, rewind, and play as many times as you need to get it right.  If you are a SOLIDWORKS beginner, and want to get productive in this awesome software as soon as possible, this is the place to start. All courses include part files as well, so you can practice while you watch, and practice afterward also.

Rosanna D, VTN

SOLIDWORKS 2015 Video Tutorials

SOLIDWORKS 2015 video tutorials