SOLIDWORKS 2015 BETA is out!

SOLIDWORKS 2015 BETA is out!

Hiya – SOLIDWORKS 2015 Beta is out! Here’s some FAQ’s from SOLIDWORKS:

How do I sign up for SOLIDWORKS 2015 Beta?

The programs indicated are only open to customers with an active Subscription Service contract.

  • All programs require a SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal account. To create an account, click here.
  • To be notified when beta programs become available, visit the Customer Portal and check
    “Notify me for Beta Programs.” You’ll receive an email when a Beta program becomes available.

How do I download SOLIDWORKS 2015 Beta?

  • From the Beta site, log into the Customer Portal
  • Click on Download Beta
  • Accept the Beta Program Terms & Conditions
  • Download and install the most current Beta version available for SOLIDWORKS CAD, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, and SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM

How do I activate SOLIDWORKS 2015 Beta?

You will need to activate your SOLIDWORKS Beta license.

How is SOLIDWORKS 2015 Beta setup on my machine?

  • The Program Files location and Common Files/Toolbox locations for Beta do not overwrite or upgrade existing production installations. By default, the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager for Beta will not overwrite existing production program locations (including Toolbox).
  • Make sure all file locations under “Tools, Options” are set to your Beta testing locations.
  • Keep your templates, Toolbox, design library files, etc. separate from your production data.
  • Do not test the SOLIDWORKS Beta on your production files. Always test Beta on copied versions of your production files.

What can I do to be an effective SOLIDWORKS 2015 Beta tester?

  • Models used for Beta testing should be representative of your production data in terms of model size and complexity.
  • Use your normal production workflow modified to accommodate new features and workflows.
  • Review the “What’s New” document and try out different features with your models.
  • Join in and ask questions in the forums. This is a great place to follow what’s going on. Each week there will be topics hosted by SOLIDWORKS discussing new features.
  • If you have other suggestions or comments, share them on the Beta Forums!

How are SOLIDWORKS 2015 Beta bugs submitted?

  • Please log in to the Beta site to submit bugs.
  • Once you have logged in, please click on the Beta Support tab, and you will be able to access the site to create and view Service Requests.
  • Please do not contact your reseller about Beta bugs. Please submit an SR.
  • After a service request (SR) is entered, a technical support engineer will review the issue and contact you. Issues relating to a software defect will be assigned an SPR number. You will be notified when the issue has been addressed.
  • Check the Beta Forums for Hot Issues, Fixed SPRs, or to review current discussions and blogs.
  • Be sure to accurately describe the issue and provide any files that the engineer will need. Create a SOLIDWORKS Rx file with the files and a video if that helps describe your problem.

SOLIDWORKS 2015 Beta is out!