Parting surfaces, straddle surfaces – SOLIDWORKS 2014 Mold Design tutorials

SOLIDWORKS 2014 Video Tutorials – Mold Design

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Here are a couple videos from our new Mold Design video course (SOLIDWORKS 2014 Tutorials) – with parting surfaces  working with straddle faces

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Solidworks 2014 video tutorials Solidworks 2014 video tutorials

What is a straddle face? SOLIDWORKS 2014 Video Tutorials – Mold Design

A straddle face is a face that has both a positive draft and a negative draft. SOLIDWORKS colors straddle faces so that they are easily recognizable. What you can do is use the Split Faces option to split the face into positive and negative sections. Then you can work with each face individually. This is the easiest way to handle straddle faces.

What are parting surfaces? SOLIDWORKS 2014  Video Tutorials – Mold Design

Welcome back.  I’m going to teach you how to work with parting surfaces. Parting surfaces are surfaces extruded from a parting line. These are used to separate the mold cavity from the mold core. We’re on the Mold Design tab; let’s begin by activating the Parting Surface tool. Our first job is to specify the pull direction. Our next task is to set the extrusion direction for the parting surface—we have three options for this: tangent, normal, perpendicular to pull. The perpendicular to pull option is what you’ll use most frequently.

Next let’s select a parting line. We’ll use parting line 1. Collapse the tree. The distance will be 25mm. Tab to register. Angle option: this is available for tangent to surface and normal to surface options. Not for perpendicular, obviously!  Next we can set the transition between adjacent surfaces. Here are some more options at the bottom of the property manager. Knit all surfaces: most of the time you’ll check this option so the surfaces you create are knit automatically. Show preview—this gives us the preview in the graphic area. Manual mode—this gives us the handles in the graphic area so that you can adjust the parting surfaces. I’ll uncheck this last option and click ok.

In the surface bodies folder, we have one more folder: parting surface bodies. Here is our parting surface—Parting Surface 1. This concludes our video about working with parting surfaces. This is part of our Mold Design course: SOLIDWORKS 2014 Video Tutorials & Training.

Thanks! Rosanna D, VTN

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