New SolidWorks 2014 updates released!

Want to know what’s new in SolidWorks 2014? 

The new SolidWorks 2014 Video Tutorial Update is now available.

SolidWorks 2014 offers numerous improvements to tools in the sketching, modeling, assembly, sheet metal, eDrawing, and surface modeling environments, but there are no major cosmetic changes, so our existing courseware is of course applicable to SolidWorks 2014.

Please visit our free SolidWorks Tutorials 2014 playlist at youtube, which shows you ten free videos from our new course. It’s 2:12 hours, and consists of 61 SolidWorks videos.

Here is the list of videos, so you can see what’s new in SolidWorks 2014:

New in SolidWorks 2014
01 Convert Files22 Preview Window43 Selecting Components
02 History Folder23 Flattened Floors in Scenes44 Toolbox Components Properties
03 Configurable Equations24 Section Views45 Sheet Metal Gussets
04 Conic Fillets25 Opening Document Copies46 Lofted Bends
05 Extruded Cuts26 Browse Recent Documents47 Corner Reliefs
06 Holes27 DXF and DWG Files48 Swept Flanges
07 Mass Properties28 Portable Network Graphics49 Balloons
08 Deleting Features29 High Quality Edges50 Saving Sort Settings for BOMs
09 Patterns30 Exploded View51 Angular Running Dimension
10 Reference Geometry31 Standard Mates52 Finding Virtual Sharp
11 Conic Curve32 Slot Mates53 Dimensioning Points of the Arc
12 First Dimension33 SmartMates54 Replace Model
13 Path Length Dimension34 Mirrored Components and Mates55 Section View of a Surface
14 Replace Sketch Entity35 Concentric Mates56 Views View Palette
15 Length of a Spline36 SmartMates Sensitivity57 Center Marks for Hole Wizard Slots
16 Style Splines37 Limit Mate58 Datum Targets
17 Lasso Selection38 Spherical and Curvilinear Mates59 Annotation Notes in Uppercase
18 Text and Button Sizes39 Mirror Components60 Slot Callouts
19 ClearType Text40 Pattern Driven Patterns61 Symbol Library Dialog Box
20 Missing Components41 Sketch Driven Patterns
21 Accurate Environment Lighting42 Curve Driven Patterns

Thanks! Rosanna D,