SOLIDWORKS Video Tutorial: “Essentials” – The Beginners’ Course 5+hrs


Stream these SolidWorks video tutorials online for the next twelve months. Scroll down for table of contents and reviews. 4:45hrs; 74 video tutorials; also includes How to Model the iPhone 5 project (1:07hrs, 19 video tutorials); English audio, part files. This course teaches you the basic skills of sketching, part modeling and assembly design, and offers many practice projects. If you are new to SolidWorks and want to get productive quickly, this is where you start.

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The SOLIDWORKS Video Tutorials Essentials course is for beginners. It is comprehensive and teaches you the basic skills so that you can get productive in SOLIDWORKS right away. If you are new to SOLIDWORKS, this is where to start. Includes current and previous versions of SOLIDWORKS.

What is covered by Essentials? How to get around and use the interface. How parametric modeling works. Sketch tools. Sketching. Applying dimensions and relations. Part modeling. Creating extrusions and revolutions. Using contours. Trimming and extending. Offsetting entities. Creating fillets and chamfers. Moving and copying.  Mirroring. Dynamic mirroriing. Extruded cuts. Revolved cuts. Linear, circular and feature based patterns. Fillet Xpert. Holes and hole wizard. Draft Xpert. Sweeps and swept cuts. Lofts and drafts. Importing images. Symmetry.

Are there practice models? Yes. This course also includes a whole lot of practice exercises so you can learn to work the SOLIDWORKS software on your own. As a bonus, you get the SOLIDWORKS video tutorials for how to model the iPhone. This is a complete part modeling case study with practice files. It takes you from the first lines to the to the final photo-realistic images completed in SolidWorks PhotoView 360. (Scroll down for the SOLIDWORKS Video Tutorials iPhone 5 Course table of contents.)

SOLIDWORKS Video Tutorials Essentials

01 Welcome
02 Fast Start
03 Parametric Modeling
04 Interface
05 First Sketch
06 Rectangle Tool
07 Select
08 View Manipulation
09 Ambient Occlusion
10 View Rotation
11 View Selector
12 Spanning Displays
13 Circle Tool
14 Arc Tool
15 Relations
16 Slot Tool
17 Ellipse Tool
18 Conic Curves
19 Dimensions
20 Extruded Boss
21 Exercise
22 Contour
23 Thin
24 Trim Tool

25 Offset Entities
26 2D Fillet
27 2D Chamfer
28 Mirror Entities
29 Dynamic Mirror
30 Exercise
31 Extruded Cut
32 Mirror Tool
33 Exercise
34 Constant Radius Fillet
35 Variable Radius Fillet
36 Face Fillet
37 Full Round Fillet
38 Fillet Xpert
39 Edge Selection Toolbar
40 Chamfer
41 Shell
42 Exercise
43 Exercise
44 Exercise
45 Exercise
46 Revolved Boss
47 Revolved Cut
48 Exercise
49 Linear Pattern
50 Circular Pattern
51 Instance to Vary Option
52 Curve Driven Pattern
53 Create Axes
54 Create Point
55 Create Planes
56 Hole Wizard
57 Hole at Angle
58 Hole on Cylindrical Face
59 Basic Sweep
60 Basic Swept Cut
61 Basic Loft
62 Appearances I
63 Appearances II
64 Appearances III
65 Rib
66 Draft (Neutral Plane)
67 Draft (Parting Line)
68 Draft (Step Draft)
69 Draft (Step Draft)
70 DraftXpert
71 Sketch Image
72 Search
73 Favorites Folder
74 Flat Tree View

SolidWorks video tutorials - SolidWorks design iphone

SOLIDWORKS Tutorial iPhone – SOLIDWORKS video tutorials

iPhone 5 Project
01 Body
02 Home Button
03 Earpiece, Mic & Front Camera
04 Sleep Wake Button
05 Ringer Switch
06 Volume Buttons
07 Rear Flash, Mic, Camera
08 Back Panel Details
09 Sim Tray
10 Audio Jack
11 Connector Jack
12 Screws
13 Speaker & Bottom Mic
14 Logo15 Text 1
16 Text 2
17 Appearances
18 Scene
19 PhotoView 360