SOLIDWORKS Weldments Tutorial


Format: 1yr Online Library.
Duration 47 mins; 13 video lessons; English audio.

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VTN can help you achieve mastery of SOLIDWORKS with our SOLIDWORKS Weldments Tutorial, where you learn to create, manage, and document weldments. Learn to create and manipulate structural members, end caps, gussets, filled beads; learn to trim/extend your weldments as well as inserting parts, creating subweldments, extruded cuts, configurations, a cut list and more. Practice what you’ve learned with an included exercise.

SOLIDWORKS Weldments Tutorial
01 Structural Member
02 End Caps
03 Gusset
04 Filled Bead
05 Trim-Extend
06 Insert Part
07 Custom Profile
08 Sub-Weldment
09 Move-Copy
10 Extruded Cut
11 Configurations
12 Cut List
13 Exercise