SOLIDWORKS Video Tutorial: Intermediate Sketching


Format: 1yr Online Library.
Duration 2:53hrs; 45 video lessons; English audio.

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In this SOLIDWORKS video tutorial on Intermediate Sketching, you learn how to develop efficient sketches for your ideas. Part of the problem with designing is how to get your idea into CAD in a way that can be engineered successfully and with as few problems as possible. This is what precisely what good sketch skills are for. It is applicable to later versions of SOLIDWORKS. Covers creating polygons, selecting & converting entities, using construction geometry, moving/copying, rotating, and scaling entities, linear & circular sketch patterns, derived sketches, sketch text & blocks, splines, positioning and dimensioning sketches, and more.

01 Interface
02 First Sketch
03 Rectangle Tool
04 Select
05 Circle tool
06 Arc Tool
07 Relations
08 Slot Tool
09 Ellipse Tool & Conic Curves
10 Dimensions
11 2D Fillet
12 2D Chamfer
13 Mirror Entities
14 Dynamic Mirror
15 Polygon
16 Convert Entities
17 Construction Geometry
18 Move Entities
19 Copy Entities
20 Rotate Entities
21 Convert Entities
22 Scale Entities
22 Scale Entities
23 Stretch Entities
24 Linear Sketch Pattern
25 Circular Sketch Pattern
26 Create Sketch from Selection
27 Copy Sketch
28 Edit Sketch Plane
29 Check Sketch for Feature
30 Derived Sketch
31 Sketch Text
32 Sketch Block
33 Belt-Chain
34 Traction Relation
35 Make Path
36 Fully Define Sketch
37 Align Grid-Origin
38 Rapid Sketch
39 Creating Spline
40 Editing Spline
41 Fit Spline
42 Layout Sketch 1
43 Layout Sketch 2
44 Positioning Sketch
45 Line Format

SOLIDWORKS video tutorial: Intermediate Sketching