SOLIDWORKS Routing Tutorials


Format: 1yr Online Library.
Duration 56 mins; 16 video lessons; English audio.

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The Video-Tutorials.Net SOLIDWORKS Routing Tutorials teach you basic piping and tubing techniques. Lear to add sections, create routes, create flexible tubing, use reducers, tees, elbows and create your own custom fittings. Applicable to later and earlier versions of SolidWorks.

SOLIDWORKS Routing Tutorials
01 Add In
02 First Route
03 Start by Drag/Drop
04 Start at Point
05 Flexible Tubing
06 Auto Route
07 C and R Points
08 Component Wizard
09 Settings
10 Pipe Route
11 Penetrate Command
12 Using Reducers
13 Using Tees
14 Custom Pipe
15 Custom Elbow
16 Custom Reducer