SOLIDWORKS Application Programming Interface / Visual Basic for Applications


Format: 1yr Online Library.
Duration 2:01hrs; 39 video lessons; English audio.

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Learn SOLIDWORKS Application Programming with Video-Tutorials.Net’s course on SOLIDWORKS API/VBA (SOLIDWORKS Application Programming Interface & Visual Basic for Applications) course, where you learn about the SOLIDWORKS programming environment: VBA or Visual Basic for Applications and API or Application Programming Interface. You will learn how to design custom applications to improve your workflow. The majority of this course is a Visual Basic / Visual Studio component, which teaches you the basics of Windows object-based application programming. Covers how to work with the SOLIDWORKS VBA, create controls, macros and more. Visual Studio project files included.

SOLIDWORKS Application Programming
01 What is VBA
02 Interface
03 Controls
04 Event
05 Simple Program
06 Data Types
07 Variables
08 Putting Data in Variables
09 Expressions and Math Operators
10 Floating-Point Math
11 TabIndex
12 Built-In Functions
13 Numeric Functions
14 String Functions
15 Date and Time Function
16 Data Inspection
17 Data Conversion Functions
18 Format Function
19 MsgBox Function
20 InputBox Function
21 Comparison Operators
22 If, Else Statements
23 Logical Operators
24 Select Case
25 While Loop
26 Do While Loop
27 Do Until Loop
28 For Loop
29 The Other Do Loops
30 On Error
31 Errors
32 Call Statement
33 Modules
34 Record Macro
35 Run Macro
36 What’s been Recorded
37 Menu
38 Custom Macro Button
39 Edit Macro