SOLIDWORKS Tutorials: “Platinum” Bundle – The Complete SOLIDWORKS Library


Stream online for 12 months. 200+hrs; 3000+ SOLIDWORKS tutorials; part files, English audio narration.

Our complete SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Library – save 90%

The biggest SOLIDWORKS library in one high-value tutorials bundle. Scroll down for complete table of contents and reviews. This bundle contains every one of our SOLIDWORKS tutorials, and covers everything from fundamental sketching, part modeling and assembly skills to routing, weldments, simulation, surface design, mold design, motion study and much more. A must-have reference for the SOLIDWORKS engineer or student.

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SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Library – Platinum Training Package – save 90%

The SOLIDWORKS tutorials complete library. Includes all annual versions from current back through 2007. Save several hundred dollars by purchasing this bundle. All of our SOLIDWORKS courses are included here. Learn SOLIDWORKS essentials (interface, sketching, part modeling, assembly and drawing). Learn advanced topics like advanced part design, modelling and assembly. Surface Design. PhotoWorks. Simulation. Animator. FeatureWorks. eDrawings. Customizing the interface with VBA/API. Routing. Weldments. Mold Design. And much more. Our SOLIDWORKS courses apply to many versions of SOLIDWORKS.


SOLIDWORKS is the world’s leading software for 3D parametric modelling. It is used by companies large and small in a variety of industries. Expertise in SolidWorks is a must-have for most 3D engineers today. is a certified SOLIDWORKS solution provider. Our SOLIDWORKSvideo tutorials are developed by experienced engineers. We help you achieve quicker mastery of the many SOLIDWORKS tools and functions.

Courses included with the Platinum training bundle:

Please click each link to view the contents of that course. Each courses includes current & previous versions.

Essentials 4:04hrs; 62 SOLIDWORKS videos
iPhone 5 Project 1:07hrs; 19 SOLIDWORKS videos
• Sketch 2:44hrs; 45 SOLIDWORKS videos
Assembly 1:09hrs; 21 SOLIDWORKS videos
Surface Design & Modeling 6:05 hrs; 102 SOLIDWORKS videos
FeatureWorks 0:23 hours; 10 SOLIDWORKS videos
Advanced Part Modeling 2:45hrs; 42 SOLIDWORKS videos
Advanced Assembly 3:43hrs; 61 SOLIDWORKSvideos
Sheet Metal 2:01 hours; 35 SOLIDWORKS videos
Drawing 1:44 hours; 49 SOLIDWORKS videos
Animator (Motion Study) 0:56 hours; 14 SOLIDWORKS videos
eDrawings 0:56 hours; 14 SOLIDWORKS videos
Mold Design 0:19 hours; 8 SOLIDWORKS videos
PhotoWorks 1:31 hours; 34 SOLIDWORKS tutorials
Routing 0:56 hours; 16 SOLIDWORKS tutorials
Simulation 1:04 hours; 9 SOLIDWORKS tutorials
API / VBA 2:01 hours; 39 SOLIDWORKS tutorials
Weldments 0:47 hours; 13 SOLIDWORKS tutorials
Toolbox 1:30 hours; 28 SOLIDWORKS tutorials
Utilities 0:37 hours; 16 SOLIDWORKSs tutorials
What’s New 2008-current release SOLIDWORKS tutorials