SOLIDWORKS Project Course – Learn to Model an iPhone


Format: OnLine Library
Duration 1:07 hrs; 19 video lessons; English audio.


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In this SOLIDWORKS project course, we show you how to model an iPhone (iPhone 5). It includes part files so you can practice on your own, and it takes you from the basic first sketches of the iPhone to the final photorealistic rendering. This is an excellent example of how to transform your ideas from thought to CAD reality, and gives you concise, helpful tips for mastering tools and functions that are presented. There is no wasted time. The video controls let you pause and play to learn exactly at your own pace.

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SOLIDWORKS Project Course – iPhone
01 Body
02 Home Button
03 Earpiece, Mic & Front Camera
04 Sleep Wake Button
05 Ringer Switch
06 Volume Buttons
07 Rear Flash, Mic, Camera
08 Back Panel Details
09 Sim Tray
10 Audio Jack
11 Connector Jack
12 Screws
13 Speaker & Bottom Mic
14 Logo
15 Text 1
16 Text 2
17 Appearances
18 Scene
19 PhotoView 360