SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Gold Training Bundle 22+ hrs – save 60%


SolidWorks Tutorials – “Gold” Training Package – save 60% (reg price $266)

22:43 hours; 343 video lessons. English audio narration; part files.

Scroll down for complete table of contents and reviews. This bundle contains our courses on Essentials, Assembly, Advanced Part Modeling, Advanced Assembly, Surface Design and Modeling, and our complete project How to Model the iPhone 5. This comprehensive SolidWorks tutorials training package takes you through beginner to advanced materials.

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SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Gold Training Bundle

This is a very comprehensive bundle of SOLIDWORKS tutorials. The SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Gold bundle starts at a beginner level, covering the interface, essentials, basic part modeling and assembly. There are numerous practice files and exercise videos, which allow you to build our models on your own, at your own pace. From there, move into Assembly, Advanced Part Modeling, and Advanced Assembly courses, which give you an intermediate-advanced level foundation in SOLIDWORKS. The SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Gold bundle also includes our SOLIDWORKS tutorials course on Surface Design and Modeling, whereby you learn some intermediate and advanced level free form modeling. The Surface Design course also includes many projects and models. Practice files are included for all courses, so you can work on your own while watching the videos. This training package also includes our “What’s New” courses to keep you abreast of changes in the latest version of SOLIDWORKS. And the “How to Model the iPhone 5” SOLIDWORKS tutorial is also included. This course takes you from start to finish modeling the iPhone 5, starting from the first line sketch to the final photo-realistic images in PhotoView 360.

Each video is developed by an experienced engineer to help you get productive in SOLIDWORKS as quickly as possible. This bundle includes many versions of SOLIDWORKS, current back through 2007.

Courses included with the SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Gold Training Package – reg price $265; save 60%

Please click on any of the links below for a complete table of contents for that particular SolidWorks course in the SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Gold training bundle.

Essentials (4:04hrs; 62 SOLIDWORKS tutorials) – (reg $49.99) Start here; this teaches basic sketching, part modeling and assembly.
iPhone 5 Project (1:07hrs; 19 SOLIDWORKS tutorials) – (reg $24.99) A from start-t0-finish step-by-step project, from first sketched lines to final photorealistic output images.
Sketch (2:44hrs; 45 SOLIDWORKS tutorials) – (reg $24.99) Intermediate drawing techniques
Assembly (1:09hrs; 21 SOLIDWORKS tutorials) – (reg $24.99) Intermediate assembly design.
Advanced Part Modeling (2:45hrs; 42 SOLIDWORKS tutorials) – (reg $35.99) Teaches advanced part modeling skills and includes many projects.
Advanced Assembly (3:43hrs; 61 SOLIDWORKS tutorials) – (reg $35.99)Teaches advanced assembly design and includes many projects.
Surface Design & Modeling (6:05 hrs; 102 SOLIDWORKS tutorials) – (reg $43.99) Teaches intermediate surface design and modeling and includes many projects.
What’s New? (2:12 hours, 61 SOLIDWORKS tutorials) – – (reg $24.99) Covers the updates in the latest version of SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Gold Training Bundle

SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Gold Training Bundle

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