SOLIDWORKS Video Tutorial: “Silver” Beginner Bundle 14+ hrs


Beginner Silver SolidWorks Training Bundle – save 60%+!

Stream online for 12 months. Scroll down for table of contents and reviews. 15:35 hours; 251 video lessons. English audio, part files. Includes Essentials (sketching, part modeling, beginner assembly); Intermediate Sketching, Intermediate Assembly, Advanced Part Modeling, Advanced Assembly, and What's New. A comprehensive course that gets you proficient in SolidWorks. Course comes in current SOLIDWORKS version by default, but you can choose back through 2008.

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About this SOLIDWORKS Training – “Beginners” Silver Bundle – save more than 60% is a certified SOLIDWORKS training solution provider. Each SOLIDWORKS training video is developed by experienced engineers to help you achieve quick mastery of the essentials SOLIDWORKS skills. This SOLIDWORKS training applies to many versions of the software. It is available on a disc as well as via download and the online library. This bundle consists of comprehensive SOLIDWORKS training that takes you from beginner introductions and sketching through Advanced Part Modeling and Assembly. It also includes the iPhone case study, where you learn to model the iPhone 5, and create a photo-realistic image for output to clients and colleagues. There are also numerous practice files and exercise training videos, where you can practice building the parts we model for you.

Courses included with the “Silver” SOLIDWORKS Training Bundle:
(Please click each SolidWorks training course link to view the complete table of contents).

Essentials (4:04hrs; 62 SOLIDWORKS tutorials)
iPhone 5 Project (1:07hrs; 19 SOLIDWORKS tutorials)
Intermediate Sketch (2:44hrs; 45 SOLIDWORKS tutorials)
Assembly (1:09hrs; 21 SOLIDWORKS tutorials)
Advanced Part Modeling (2:45hrs; 42 SOLIDWORKS tutorials)
Advanced Assembly (3:43hrs; 61 SOLIDWORKS tutorials)
What’s New in SolidWorks? (2:12 hrs; 61 SOLIDWORKS tutorials)

Where should I start? Begin with Essentials; this covers the interface, basic sketching, part modeling and assembly. Then, study the Intermediate Sketch course. This teaches intermediate sketch / drawing skills. From there, study the Assembly course, where teach various methods of assembly design. Finally, you can finish with Advanced Part Modeling and Advanced Assembly, when you are ready for them! This is very comprehensive SolidWorks training; when you have all these lessons under your belt, you will be able to work proficiently in SolidWorks.

Solidworks training Silver bundle

SOLIDWORKS training Silver bundle