What’s New in AutoDesk Inventor?


AutoDesk Inventor 2013 Tutorials – What’s New

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What’s New in AutoDesk Inventor?

What's New in AutoDesk Inventor

What’s New in AutoDesk Inventor

Learn what’s new in AutoDesk Inventor with Video-Tutorials.Net update training. It covers many of the tools that are updated in each annual release of the AutoDesk Inventor software. For sample videos that allow you to gauge the quality and pacing of these what’s new in AutoDesk Inventor video tutorials, please visit our YouTube Channel . (

01 Welcome Screen
02 Create New File
03 Contextual Menu
04 Enhanced Error Messages
05 Origin Plane Display
06 Sketch Scale
07 Rectangle Tool
08 Arc Length Dimension
09 Dynamic Trim
10 Dynamic Extend
11 Precise Input
12 3D Sketch Mirror command
13 3D Sketch Properties
14 Align to Plane
15 Control Vertex Splines
16 Equation Curves
17 2D Mirror Self Symmetric
18 User-Defined Parameters in Sketch Text
19 Find Sketch in Browser
20 Sketch Icon
21 Measure Tool
22 Status Bar
23 Associative Sketch Geometry
24 Primitives
25 Offset Base Solid
26 Change Appearance
27 EOP Marker
28 Hole Tool
29 Shell Tool
30 Work Plane
31 Error Glyphs
32 Material and Appearance
33 Part View Representation
34 Remove Internal Voids
35 Alignment of a Frame Member
36 End Treatment Support
37 Open Component Drawing File
38 Delete Multiple Drawing Sheets
39 Copy Drawing Views
40 Insert Images in Title Blocks