Autodesk Inventor Tutorial: Essentials


Inventor Tutorials Essentials

View this course online for the next 12 months. Scroll down for complete table of contents and reviews. 96 videos, 6+ hours, part files, English narration. Covers the interface, sketching, part modeling, and assembly, and includes practice projects. If you need to get working in Inventor right away and you're on a budget, this is the course for you.

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Autodesk Inventor Essentials

Learn Inventor fundamentals with the Inventor tutorials Essentials course. 96 chapters, 6+ hours of Inventor tutorials. If you are new to Inventor, this is the first place to start. This Inventor tutorials course is comprehensive, and teaches you how to get around the Inventor interface, sketching, part modeling, assembly, drawing, and data management. If you need to get productive in Inventor quickly, and you’re on a tight budget, this is the exact minimum course you need. With these skill sets under your belt, you will be able to work in Inventor.  Includes numerous exercise videos and supporting part files, so that you can practice on your own and build the models you see us building in the Inventor tutorials.  Each video is prepared by an experienced engineer, and there are many tips and tricks to help you through basic troubleshooting.

About AutoDesk Inventor

AutoDesk Inventor is gaining market share to become a leading 3D CAD modeler and direct competitor of SolidWorks. Inventor is used more frequently in product design, rather than automotive and aeronautical design. Because licensing for Inventor is less expensive than CATIA or SolidWorks, many smaller and mid-size companies are turning to Inventor as their one-stop CAD solution. Fusion comes bundled with Inventor, and Inventor handles AutoCAD documents very well, so Inventor is also a top choice for companies moving from the 2D AutoCAD into the 3D world.

Inventor Tutorials Essentials
01 Introduction to Inventor
02 The Inventor GUI
03 Ribbon Bar
04 Quick Access Toolbar
05 Help Toolbar
06 View Cube
07 Navigation Bar
08 Steering Wheel
09 Browser Pane
Data Management
10 File Types
11 Data Management Principles
12 About Projects
13 New Project
14 Edit Project
15 About Vault
16 Libraries
17 Content Center
18 Introduction to Sketching
19 New Sketch
20 Save
21 Edit Sketch
22 Sketch Options 1
23 Sketch Options 2
24 Circle Tool
25 Arc Tool
26 Heads-Up Display
27 Coordinate systems I
28 Coordinate systems II
29 Rectangle Tool
30 Ellipse Tool
31 Using Constraints
32 Using Dimensions
33 Construction Geometry
34 Using Spline
35 Using Images
36 Chamfer
37 Polygon
Part Modeling
38 Extrude
39 Revolve
40 Hole
41 Shell
42 Rib43 Sweep I
44 Sweep II
45 Fillet
46 Chamfer
47 Thread
48 Rectangular Pattern
49 Circular Pattern
50 Mirror
51 Work Plane
52 Work Axis
53 Work Point
54 Sketch Text
55 Geometry Text
56 Exercise
57 Exercise
58 Exercise
59 Exercise
60 Exercise-1
61 Exercise-2
62 Exercise-1
63 Exercise-2
64 Exercise-3
65 Exercise-4
66 Exercise-5
67 Exercise-6
68 Exercise-7
69 Exercise-8
70 Exercise-9
71 Exercise-10
72 Exercise-11
73 Exercise
01 Create Drawing
02 View Orientation
03 Editing Views
04 Section View
05 Auxiliary View
06 Detail View
07 Manipulate View
08 Crop
09 Center Marks & Lines
10 Break
11 Retrieve Dimensions
12 Dimension
01 Place Component
02 Constraints
03 Create Component
04 Editing Components
05 Select
06 Find Component
07 Grip Snap
08 Move Rotate

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Learn Inventor fundamentals with Inventor tutorials by Video-Tutorials.Net