Autodesk Inventor Tutorial: Studio


Learn to Create Photo-Realistic Renderings of Your Models
2:07 hrs (127 mins)   30 video tutorials The complete course is delivered via online library. Free access to all updates for 12 months (via the online library).


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About AutoDesk Inventor 2013 Studio
AutoDesk Inventor is the AutoDesk one-stop 3D design & documentation solution, and it has gained a remarkable amount of market share in the last few years. Inventor Studio is the module you use for creating photo-realistic renderings, both images and videos / animation, of your models.

About AutoDesk Inventor 2013 Studio
01 Start Inventor Studio
02 View Representation
03 Materials
04 Apperances
05 Material Library
06 Appearances Library
07 Edit Material
08 Edit Appearance
09 Image Mapping
10 Migrate Data
11 Lighting Styles
12 Scene Styles
13 Create New Project
14 Apply Apperance
15 Apply Lighting Style
16 Cameras17 Render
18 Animate Components
19 Animate Fade
20 Animate Camera
21 Animate Constraints
22 Animate Parameters
23 Depth of Field
24 Soft Shadows
25 Camera Path
26 Animations
27 Video Producer
28 Time Line
29 Using Transparency
30 Using Bump Map