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“Very excited, the SolidWorks videos are so well done!!! I have learned a ton from your youtube videos, and HAD to get the series. The narrator/solidworks guru does a fine job, she’s fast on the delivery & thank goodness for rewind.” Frank R, Utah USA

“I am a big fan of your tutorials: all your tutorials helped me become an employed SolidWorks professional! Looking forward to more courses on Routing and Simulation. Thanks. Sarath Kumar, India

Hi Rosanna; your courses were really helpful. Thanks so much.Showkat Hossain, Bangladesh



In addition to the following feedback from our customers, we invite you to review our feedback on eBay as well as our product reviews and feedback on Amazon.”There were 2 reasons I bought your product. 1) I was very impressed by the annunciation of the trainer. Top Marks. 2) I found your company through YouTube. I am a mathematician, not an engineer and I design Theme Park rides. Often the math is too complex to communicate effectively so I use Inventor to translate the concepts but I have had all sorts of problems with animating constraints for non-linear applications. It was your surface tutorial that has opened a whole new world of possibilities. Just very clear and non-pretentious.” – Patrick, Singapore “I wasn’t sure in the beginning because the price for this SolidWorks tutorial seemed low. When I read the tutorial reviews at Amazon I said let me take the risk and buy it. Actually this SolidWorks tutorial is very detailed and clear to understand. It is much better then any CAD book I have seen. I never learned any CAD program from the books so far. I am far ahead of my SolidWorks class because of this tutorial. ”–Hovig K., California, USA “The sample videos I watched were of exceptional quality and very professional. You can expect my order today.” —David K., California, USA. “I purchased the SolidWorks and CATIA tutorial. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with such a professional company such as yours!”--Ryan J., South Africa

“The SolidWorks tutorials are great. Having video instruction rather than a book makes all the difference.”Ethan H., Michigan, USA.

“The tutorial arrived and is doing the job; thank you very much
for your fast shipment.”–Dieter S., Germany.

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“I’m from Italy. This is the one CATIA tutorial I hear where voice is clear and speaking is not too fast. Very good for me.–Giovanni I., Italy.

“I appreciate your work very much! Even if I’m a pro in Solidworks and 3D sometimes I need to check something new.. and with your tutorials; wooooo… great !!! Really Good Job !!!” Alex, Italy

“Impressed with the speed of shipment and at the low cost. I ordered Friday and had my course by Monday. Fast service. Good SolidWorks tutorial. “–John K., Washington, USA

“I’m now an expert in SolidWorks with 11 certifications; I’m currently studying SolidWorks aeronautical. I’d like to thank you because my first step in learning was your courses. Thank you very much. Ahmed Braham , Tunisia