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Learn CATIA v5 with Video-Tutorials.Net’s CATIA tutorials

We provide comprehensive CATIA video tutorials starting at the beginner level and taking you through advanced CATIA training in modules like surface design and application programming for the interface. Click the CATIA Video Tutorial v5 image below to see a detailed list of the video chapters included with each course. This course was filmed with CATIA v5 R17 but is applicable to later versions of CATIA v5. In addition to our Sample Videos page, please visit our VTN YouTube Channel at for dozens of sample CATIA video tutorials that can help you gauge the quality and pacing of our work.

CATIA is the most prominent and versatile 3D CAD software on the market today. It’s also the oldest, and is used by all aeronautical and automotive industries. It is expanding its market share to additional industries also. CATIA offers the most functionality in terms of free form surface design and is unparalleled as a surface modeling tool.

Our CATIA tutorials offer clear, concise quality training in numerous skill sets including basic training on the interface, navigation and management of commands; beginner sketching, beginner CATIA part modeling, beginner CATIA assembly, intermediate CATIA sketching, intermediate CATIA part modeling, intermediate CATIA assembly, sheet metal design, surface modeling part modeling and design, and application programming interface / visual basic for applications.

Our CATIA video tutorials include many projects that you can watch us build and practice building on your own; we take you step by step through the models to show you how to build them independently. We have many simple models and move into more complicated models and assemblies.

Video-Tutorials.Net’s CATIA video tutorials are available automatically via online streaming only.

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