Paperless SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition


Click this link to a video about how you can go paperless with SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition  – improvements to this module let you communicate better with your manufacturing and suppliers–thus saving the big bucks!


This is just one of many of the interesting new functionalities Dassault has released this update of SOLIDWORKS 2016. Pretty exciting stuff; do check it out!

Paperless SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition

Paperless SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition

So what the heck is SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition? It is a module that integrates with the main SOLIDWORKS package and is used for manufacturing.  You can use it to define, organize and publish 3D product manufacturing information in standard file formats like an eDrawings file or a three dimensional PDF. This module doesn’t use 2D drawing at all; that’s why it’s called “drawingless”. By guiding manufacturing only in 3D, this cuts time, costs, and errors. SOLIDWORKS MDB also supports several important industry standards, in case you must follow these.


Rosanna, VTN