New SolidWorks Tutorials – Utilities

SolidWorks Tutorials – New Utilities course.

We’ve just published a new course on SolidWorks, about Utilities. You may be wondering what the heck Utilities is… well, these are the SolidWorks tools (in the standard edition) that let you compare and analyze your entities and part / assembly documents. The tools and their interfaces are simple and provide excellent intelligence for your design and modeling process. Most are available from “Tools” on the standard menu, or from the Evaluate tab.

Here is the link to our new Utilities playlist on youtube, and this happens to be our first course released in SolidWorks 2014.

SolidWorks Utilities Free Tutorials Playlist .

This course can be purchased alone or it comes bundled with the complete SolidWorks Tutorials library. Here is the link to the course at our website: SolidWorks 2014 Tutorials Utilities. (53 minutes, 17 videos, $25).

Here is the link to the complete SolidWorks Tutorials Library.

(Don’t forget to enter “youtube” in our shopping cart at checkout to save 10% on any video tutorials). And, visit our youtube channel for literally hundreds of free SolidWorks tutorials videos. We post these so you can gauge the quality and pacing of our video tutorials.

Thanks! Rosanna, VTN