How to MOVE a face? AutoDesk Inventor Tutorials: Your Q&A

AutoDesk Inventor tutorials: your questions & answers – by Rosanna

In this AutoDesk Inventor Tutorials – Your Q&A, the question I got was from an AutoCAD user trying to figure out how to do something in AutoCAD’s big 3D modeling sister, Inventor.

“In AutoCAD it’s easy for me to move a face, and replace it. How can I do that with Inventor? It doesn’t seem that there’s an easy way to, for example, adjust a face around an axis or plane, or a point. Can you let me know how to do it?”

Yes, I can certainly help, and that’s what we’ll cover in this AutoDesk Inventor tutorials – your Q&A segment. I encounter many AutoCAD users who are so used to doing things quickly, efficiently, seamlessly in this sweet 2D software that when they get to a 3D modeller, especially a parametric one which requires less free form placing of your geometry, they are pretty annoyed at how limiting it seems. In fact, like everything else, it’s just a matter of getting used to the interface and the tools. You need a year of working with a 3D modeller to get proficiency; it’s like a language that you have to learn to be fluent with, putting the tools together in certain ways that make sense in order to get a model designed and possibly manufactured.

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The Move Faces and Replace Faces tools are on the Modify Panel, so make sure you’ve got the Modify Panel visible. You need to right-click on the command manager and select Modify from the list of available panels. When it’s visible, it’ll be marked with a checkmark. The Move Faces tool has three options: 1)”free move”–so you just drag handles in the workspace or graphic area, 2) Direction & Distance (you can specify some numeric values and/or drag in the graphic area), and Points & Planes (you base the move on points and planes that you select once you have this subtool active).

Here’s a link to the AutoDesk Inventor Tutorials: How to Move Faces on youtube:

I’ll publish an HTML file / PDF version of this video shortly, in case you prefer to read about it rather than watch an Inventor tutorials video!

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Thanks, Rosanna – VTN

AutoDesk Inventor Tutorials - How to move a face AutoDesk Inventor Tutorials – How to move a face

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