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Viewing your courses on Mobile Devices

Hiya! Just to clarify a couple questions I’ve had lately. There in my FAQ but I wanted to highlight them more obviously!

Question: I use a Mac / iPad/ iPhone / Android tablet / Android phone. Can I use the online classroom?
A: You can stream from any type of personal computer or mobile device as long as you have a browser that supports the free Adobe Flash Player. The download and disc for the newer CAD courses (SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, AutoCAD, Inventor published 2010 and later) can be viewed only from a Windows operating system on PC, and you need administrative rights on the computer to install our player and download the license. Music courses on disc/download can be viewed from both Windows/Mac OS.

This is the only affordable way for me to deliver the courses in a way that protects me from piracy. You see, on mobile devices, the supported video formats like mp4 have no ability to be encoded to prevent piracy. And for every 1 course I sell, which I need to sell to feed my boys, aged 6 and 8, I see about 10,000 pirated downloads! So I had to put on some kind of digital rights management. When this is available in an affordable way for mobile devices, I will engage it.

I hope this helps understand how to view my courses on mobile devices.

Thanks, Rosanna D – VTN

Mobile devices Video-Tutorials.Net

Mobile devices Video-Tutorials.Net