July Fusion 360 News

July Fusion 360 News from AutoDesk

Here’s the July Fusion 360 News straight from AutoDesk; lots of great support for this exciting software!

2D HSM Deep Dive in Fusion 360

Guess what, the Fusion 360 Street Team is hosting “Deep Dive Sessions” that give you overviews of specific workflows so you can get productive in Fusion 360 right away. The next one coming up explores the CAM workspace and 2D machining. You’ll learn about creating setups, 2D adaptive clearing, 2d pocket and contour, chamfer, contour selection, and many other best practices! If you’re interested, please go to this link for more information and to register.

Selection Tools for CAM within Fusion 360

One of the big benefits of an integrated CAM package is that you are selecting the same geometry that was used to create the model. Having the toolpath association to the model faces and edges means that when the model changes, your toolpaths will follow along.

The CAM development team has built in, what I will call “user consideration” functions to the tools you use to pick that geometry. Selecting faces vs. edges on your model kicks on a pretty awesome toolpath algorithm. No need for a crazy selection manager or irritating pop-up menus as in many other CAM systems. Now you can select faces and edges right from within the CAM geometry tab.

Desktop Connect is the Fusion Forecast

July Fusion 360 News

July Fusion 360 News

Storing desktop CAD data in the cloud is like storing a toaster in a tub full of water. It’s just not a good idea. This problem arises because most cloud tools out there do not understand parent/child relationships created from referencing parts in assemblies. Usually, this requires Pack & Go workflows, which often times creates duplicate files. Regrettably, we are all accustomed to this workflow because it’s one of the easiest ways to share files with people outside your organization. Desktop Connect takes care of this problem. It’s a much easier way to upload data to the cloud, and it understands the parent/child relationship.

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