Fusion news – updates from the (Inventor) Fusion Community

Fusion news – updates from the (Inventor) Fusion Community

  • A new product update went live last week, on November 15, 2015, so be sure to get that downloaded. Here is a link to information about what’s new with the latest update for Fusion 360>>What’s New – Nov 15 update
  • A few months ago, AutoDesk released the MAKE menu into the Fusion software. It’s AutoDesk’s way of connecting all segments in the design and production chain – from designers, manufacturers, users, and processes. This is part of AutoDesk’s vision to get the manufacturing incorporated into the design process (thus cutting down major errors in retooling later on!!) AutoDesk has partnerships with two pretty exciting companies, 100K Garages and FATHOM.
    Fusion News - What's happening in the community?

    Fusion News – What’s happening in the community?

    Here is a link to some training resources for Fusion 360, right from AutoDesk. Training Resources for Fusion 360 from AutoDesk>>. Some of the topics covered are keyboard shortcuts, accessing commands using the toolbox, input values in commands, navigating the design in the canvas and viewports in the canvas. Actually from that link you can get to the main training page, called Getting Started, in case you are new to Fusion 360 and want to start it all from the very beginning. These training resources I note above are of course suitable for beginners to working with Fusion 360.  A very cool note from the Fusion team is instruction regarding how to customize your interface to be more like Alias, SOLIDWORKS and other software if this what you prefer. You can change your default preferences to give you tools that are more similar to those interfaces. Click here for more information about setting your preferences.>>

  • There are also numerous resources for getting into CAM, Toolpah, and FEA Simulation, if you are interesting in pursuing these modules. They offer great opportunity for realizing your designs into a manufactured product, and for testing them well ahead of time, to minimize the amount of time and money spent reworking your designs and products.

Thanks! Rosanna D, VTN