Learn to test a drone before it takes flight with SOLIDWORKS

Validate drone before it takes flight with SOLIDWORKS – Webinar

Learn how to validate a drone before it takes flight with SOLIDWORKS Simulation on July 21, 2015. This is an interesting webinar about working with SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools and its hosted by SOLIDWORKS directly as part of their 22 minute webinar series.

Now, in the real world could you stress test any machine before flight with SOLIDWORKS’ very limited built-in finite element analysis tools? Nope! Validating is different than simulating lots of complex stress tests. There are only tools for simple linear analysis for certain materials; nothing to handle complex deformation of forces on composite materials etc; for this you need some seriously robust simulation software. The FEA add-ons for CATIA, for example, or even the Nastran-in-CAD add in. But who doesn’t love learning about rockets and spaceships and robots and stuff! So, check it out.

Simulation is such a complex, scary topic for designers, but the staff at SOLIDWORKS really make these presentations interesting. And SOLIDWORKS Simulation is pretty pricey add-on to the basic or premium SOLIDWORKS package, not just a basic tool–it’s an increasingly useful simulation tool. Which is what designers need these days. Inserting testing into the design phase rapidly cuts down the cost of design and improves the speed of releasing prototypes to market.

Here’s what SOLIDWORKS has to say about the webinar:

In just 22 minutes, learn how to test and validate a drone design while:

  • Investigating multiple shapes for best results
  • Calculating lift and drag to determine the best RPMs for the propellers
  • Testing environmental conditions, such as air speed and wind speed
  • Validating strength of drone parts for displacement
  • Space is limited, so sign up today to take advantage of this webcast.

If you’d like to register for the webinar about how to take flight with SOLIDWORKS (and I did!) click here to sign up:


Kind regards, Rosanna D, VTN

PS. stay tuned for my SOLIDWORKS 2016 updates, coming out in early September after SOLIDWORKS releases 2016! I’m already toying around with the beta and have lots to say, but of course, I can’t…until the big date of the release!

Take flight with SOLIDWORKS

Take flight with SOLIDWORKS