Frequently Asked Questions – Video Tutorials Support

Here is a list of our most frequently asked support questions. If the following information does not resolve your issue, please do not hesitate to write us at

Q: Does my disc or download video tutorial expire?
A: YES. We no longer support disc/download. Our courses stream online only. If you already have disc/download, it will continue to operate until such time as you need to reinstall the software or your operating system.

Q: I use a Mac / iPad/ iPhone / Android tablet / Android phone. Can I use the online classroom?
A: You can stream from any type of personal computer or mobile device as long as you have a browser that supports the free Adobe Flash Player.


Q: Do the video tutorials have audio? What language are they in?
A: Our courses have audio; it’s in English. It’s not in any other language.

Q: Who makes the video tutorials?
A: Video-Tutorials.Net makes all the courses in-house. We are the only authorized distributor of our work, and hold international copyright and intellectual property rights over our work. is the online classroom for Video-Tutorials.Net.

Q: What does my purchase include?
A: 12 months online access to the course.

Q: How do I know what is in the courses?
A: On the catalog page at we post many sample videos and the complete table of contents for each course. Please review each course prior to purchase. We also have dozens of free video tutorials on our youtube channel, videotutorials2. Click here for many more free videos>>.

Q: Which courses are you putting out next?
A: The schedule includes primarily SolidWorks tutorials, Inventor tutorials, and music courses. Please send us your suggestions; they are most welcome and will help us determine the priority of our new projects.

Q:Are previous SolidWorks tutorials / Inventor tutorials / AutoCAD tutorials relevant to me if I’m using a different version?
A:The answer is YES! There are generally not significant functional / cosmetic changes between the various versions and our “Updates” courses cover these.

Q: Do the courses include part/sample/model files?
A: All of the courses we published after 2009 include part files. If your course doesn’t have part files, fear not, for the models in the courses are very straightforward; we show you how to build them in the video chapters. Where the models are more complex, we take you through them step-by-step. Our customers’ experience with our course model has been very positive. Inventor 2009, CATIA and SolidWorks 2007-2008 courses do not have part files; sorry!

Q: What is the currency?
A: US dollars. You can also pay in Canadian dollars if are wiring funds or sending a money order. If you’re sending us a wire transfer from out of the country, just send in your native currency and let the bank do the converting.

Q: How can I pay?
A: We accept payment by credit card, PayPal, and Western Union or money order in US or Canadian dollars. Businesses/educational institutions with PO numbers who need an invoice and to pay by check: yes, we can accept your check. Please email us to make arrangements at

Q: I’m not in the US or Canada. I don’t have a credit card. How can I pay? Can I wire funds to your bank?
A: You can wire funds through Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal, or via bank transfer. (There is an additional $10 fee for bank transfer).

Q: Do you accept checks or money orders?
A: Yes. We accept money orders in US or Canadian dollars. We accept eChecks through PayPal. This means you need to link your PayPal account to your checking account. For companies and individuals that prefer to pay with a check and require a PO Request, please contact us to make arrangements.

Q: Do you ship worldwide? Do you ship to my country? APOs?
A: We don’t ship  anything; online access only.

Q: Where’s my disc? Where’s the tracking number?
See above! We don’t ship anything; online access only.

Q: Do you give refunds?
A: Like all digital media retailers, we don’t issue refunds. Please be sure you review the course contents and dozens of sample video tutorials carefully prior to purchase to gauge the pacing and delivery. You can also review some of our customer feedback and reviews on websites like eBay and Amazon; we have hundreds of comments from customers on these sites.

Q: Do you offer educational and/or volume discounts?
A: But of course! Students are eligible for 15% discount. Please email us a copy of your valid student ID & proof of enrollment via email. We give volume discounts of about 30-50% to schools and companies purchasing multiple licenses, depending upon the volume. We can also give you a price for a network installation (please let us know how many users you need it for). Please email for our volume discount pricing sheet.

Q: What are the system requirements for using the online classroom?
A: The course files are Flash files (.swf) and you need to be connected to the internet to view them. You will need to have an Adobe Flash Player and a reliable, fast high-speed internet connection to view via the online classroom. They are very compressed to small size and stream quickly. 22% loads before they start to play. See above for viewing on android / Apple mobile devices.

Q: Can I make copies of the course for my friends / colleagues? Can more than one person use the same access codes?
A: No. Each user needs a unique access. No simultaenous login permitted.

Q: How do I stream online?
A: Login to your account and click the My Courses button at the top of the page. If you don’t see it, there might be an issue viewing Javascript on your computer, so just go to the Site Map via the links from the bottom of any of our web site pages, and find your course this way. Navigate to your course. Read the instructions. Click a video title on the left. The video plays in the center frame.

Important: Don’t close the video player to start a new video. If you do this more than a few times, this messes with the system security controls and you’ll be booted out of the online classroom–the video file won’t load. If your screen is too small to see the player controls, please see below.



Q: I can’t see the player controls and / or the full video screen…
A: Our player is about 1149 x 831, and the video files themselves, with pause/play controls, are 930 x 730. Viewing the course comfortably means you need to set your screen resolution to at least this size.. If you’re not comfortable with your screen resolution this size, or if your monitor is small and your computer doesn’t offer a resolution of this size, you can view the chapters outside of our player by opening the video files directly. If you are viewing online, please close some of the toolbars at the top of the screen that hog space, and set the Task Bar at the bottom to auto-hide: right click on the start button > Properties > Task bar tab > AutoHide the task bar. This gives you a bit more space at the bottom of the screen.

Q:I’m getting a “concurrent login not permitted” message. What’s up?
A: Sessions detect concurrent logins for a specific amount of time after the initial login, so please ensure you log out before closing your browser. If you’re stuck, open your browser, clear the cache, close the browser, and then re-open and try again, or just reboot. Only one user may login at a time for an account; simultaneous logins are not permitted by the system. Make sure you logout from one computer before logging in at another computer.


Q: The audio / video playback is choppy or otherwise isn’t working correctly…
A: If you’re viewing online, please get the latest Flash player.

Q: My online video file is not loading…
A: This can happen if your internet connection is too slow. The browser needs to load 22% of the video before it starts playing. The video files are very small, so if you are having this problem, please try to view at a time when your ISP is less busy.


Thanks! These are the FAQ Video-Tutorials.Net . Any other questions? Please write!

Rosanna D, VTN FAQ Video-Tutorials.Net  FAQ