New ways to create planes – What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2015?

Create planes SOLIDWORKS 2015

Create planes in SOLIDWORKS 2015 …another video in our course on what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015. Check out this SOLIDWORKS video tutorial by Video-Tutorials.Net showing you what to do.

Thanks! Rosanna D, VTN

What's new in SOLIDWORKS 2015

What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015

So what exactly is new with respect to creating planes in SOLIDWORKS 2015? Well, in SOLIDWORKS 2015 we can now create planes normal to the view orientation. Start out on the Sketch tab, and then left-click on the Reference Geometry’s drop down menu flyout arrow. From the menu of points, axes and so on, you select the Plane tool. Select the vertex. The new option is a check box called Create a plane parallel to the screen. When you check this option, you can specify the offset distance as well.  Then, click Accept.

And voila, you’ve got a plane that’s parallel to the screen. So, what happens when you rotate your model? Does your plane stay parallel to the screen? Well, you’d have to update the plane. Right-click on the plane’s node in the Feature Manager Design Tree and select Edit Feature. In the Plane property manager, click on  Update Plane.

So, each time you reorient your model, you can easily update the plane so that it changes orientation to stay parallel to your screen. Pretty cool, huh?