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Welcome to the CATIA section of the Video-Tutorials.Net blog. In this area we provide many resources to support your use of our CATIA training tutorials. We also publish frequent responses to the questions submitted by our users. CATIA is the software of choice for any of the industries tied to aeronatics (airplane and space ship design) as well as automotive design, and if you want to work in any of the professions that cascade down from these industries, you will need to get familiar with this software. Video-Tutorials.Net provides CATIA training in html and pdf that support the CATIA tutorials for sale at our website. Our CATIA training provides comprehensive and lengthy training in this CAD software that gets you working productively in just a short time. Our CATIA training offers beginner-level tutorials that teach you the absolute basics: to use the interface, navigation, and understand, manage and customize the display and position of commands. Continue from there with basic sketching, part modeling and assembly. After this, you can study any of our specialized CATIA tutorial modules on advanced sketching, part modeling, advanced assembly, Surface Design and Modeling, Visual Basic for applications / Application Programming Interface. Video-Tutorials.Net’s CATIA training are available automatically via online streaming and download at the time of purchase. If you would like a disc of the tutorials, please don’t forget to order the “back up disc” item in the shopping cart. Please visit our youtube channel at for dozens of sample CATIA video tutorials that can help you gauge the quality and pacing of our work. Don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter or social media pages to receive free CATIA tutorials and discount coupon codes for our courses. Bookmark these CATIA blog pages to receive additional tips and CATIA training opportunities.

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What replaces CATIA? How to get rid of IPS? SolidWorks vs Inventor vs 3DSMax?

CATIA – replace it? How to get rid of IPS? SolidWorks vs Inventor vs 3DSMax? Now that the US tax deadline has passed I’m busy receiving questions about CAD software…Just a few questions I received in my inbox today I thought I’d post about… Your Question: Is there any software which can replace CATIA v6? […]

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Basic CATIA tutorials part 2

CATIA Tutorials Part 2 – Basic CATIA training by Please visit our CATIA tutorials playlist at YouTube>> Basic CATIA Questions That People Ask Us – part 2 (CATIA tutorials) What is a feature? A feature is the essential building block of a solid model in any 3D CAD software. You start with 2D geometry, like […]

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CATIA Tutorials Basic Training Part 1

CATIA tutorials beginner / basic CATIA training – All About CATIA part 1 by www.Video-Tutorials.Net CATIA Training, The Basics! Background and History CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application. It is also how you say “Kathy” in Russian or Italian, but you pronounce the software name “kah-TEE-ah”. This is the software that’s used by the […]

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