Flood update for! Plus new Inventor Tutorials

Hey, just a quick post about new Inventor tutorials. Thanks so much for all your support and for asking how we weathered the big Calgary flood in late June! In fact, we ended up moving in July, and so both of these events took up about eight weeks of our development time! But we will complete the SolidWorks library in the next few weeks.

New Inventor Tutorials!

We have some new Inventor tutorials, yes! Reminder about our recent releases of the Inventor Fusion 2013 Video Tutorial and Inventor iLogic 2013 Video Tutorial.

Don’t forget to enter “youtube” at checkout to save 10% on any courses in our library. Here’s the playlists from the two courses:

Inventor iLogic Tutorials Playlist – click this link to view these Inventor tutorials

Inventor Fusion Tutorials Playlist  – click this link to view these Inventor tutorials

What’s Inventor iLogic? It’s Autodesk Inventor’s built-in utility for modifying the actual Inventor application, so this is how you can customize tools and the interface a bit more. It’s not difficult to use at all.  Our Inventor iLogic tutorial is pretty comprehensive at about 5 hours.

What’s Inventor Fusion? Inventor Fusion is sort of like a mini-Inventor, but different than Inventor LT in that it is a non-historical modeler. So, this is a good way to bring in documents from non-Autodesk software, because you can import without the history that tends to screw up the import process. If you’re used to Inventor, you may find the limitations rather annoying, however. Our Inventor Fusion tutorial gets you productive in this neat software pretty quickly. By the way, Inventor Fusion comes bundled with AutoCAD, so this gives you greater 3D capability than you have with AutoCAD alone. Our Fusion tutorial takes you from the basics to surface modeling. The Inventor tutorial we have on Fusion is actually also included with our AutoCAD video library, so you can learn both buy getting this one course.

Thanks! Rosanna, VTN