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AutoDesk Inventor Tutorials  – Working with VBA – An introduction

Welcome to our introduction to VBA, which stands for Visual Basic for Applications. In this segment, we’ll be learning about what VBA is and what it can do for you as an AutoDesk Inventor designer and engineer. Let’s go to the Tools tab. Click onVBA editor.

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We’ve just launched the Visual basic editor. This is where we do our programming work to connect with Inventor.



AutoDesk Inventor Tutorials  – Working with VBA

Let’s talk just a bit about Visual Basic. It’s a Microsoft programming language. if you’ve not done programming before this might seem intimidating. The good news; it’s not so hard once you’re your mind around concepts. You’re not doing raw coding, just manipulating the various prescripted objects. (Plus some coding, but I’m trying not to scare you off. The syntax basics I cover in this course, and it’s pretty simple once you’ve practiced.)

Lets talk about the Basic language, upon which Visual Basic is founded. Basic was developed in the 1960s as a learning tool for programmers. In the 1980s, Microsoft released the first Visual Basic for windows applications. Today VBA doesn’t have much in common with Basic but it’s indeed the foundation on which VBA was built.

What can VBA do for you? The major advantage is greater flexibility and greater control over your environment and your projects. You can create your own custom tools. This is just one example of what VBA lets you do. You can apply to MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word and many other applications. You can also transfer this knowledge to working with the APIs of other CAD software, like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, and AutoCAD.

During this course on VBA, I’ll use another abbreviation: it’s API. This stands for Application Programming Interface and that’s what the Inventor VBA editor is. This concludes my introduction to working with VBA in AutoDesk Inventor.

AutoDesk Inventor Tutorials  – Working with VBA

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