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How to create and work with derived parts – AutoDesk Inventor Assembly video tutorials

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I’ve just posted a video to my YouTube channel about AutoDesk Inventor. In this video, I show you how to create and work with derived parts. This is part 1, and it is excerpted from my AutoDesk Inventor Assembly course.

How to create and work with derived parts – Part 1 –

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AutoDesk Inventor Assembly Video Tutorials

AutoDesk Inventor Assembly video tutorials

AutoDesk Inventor Assembly video tutorials

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Partial transcript:

Welcome to our video about working with derived parts in AutoDesk Inventor. Let’s start by creating a new part document. Close the sketch that is automatically created (that’s an option we set up in Application Options). Now, let’s delete that sketch; it has a node in the tree already. We do that with a right click, then select DELETE.  (So, once again, the reason we see a sketch created here at the moment of new part creation? Let’s go to  Tools > Application Options > Part; now under “Sketch on new part creation”, we have a plane selected; x-y in my case.  I’m going to leave this option as is and close the Application Options window.

Now, let’s go to the Manage tab. Let’s select the Derive tool, located on the Insert panel. Here is our plate, a part I created previously. Select it and click open. The Derived Part dialog window opens. Under Derive Style, we have three options: “Single solid body merging out seams between planar faces” is my first option. The second option is “Solid body keep seams between planar faces” and the third option is to “Maintain each solid as a solid body.”  This last option lets us export the body as a surface body.

Right below the Derive Style radio buttons, we can choose to include bodies or exclude them. Currently solid bodies are available, as well as model parameters. Down below, we can check here to show all objects, use color override from source component, specify design view, scale factor—for example, for shrinking during the molding process, and use mirror part. If this option is selected, we need to set the mirror plane. Click ok.

This concludes the partial transcript of the video tutorial How to Create and Work with Derived Parts – An AutoDesk Inventor Assembly Video Tutorial – part 1.