AutoDesk Cloud Accelerator – great opportunity!

AutoDesk Cloud Accelerator

A two week program for creative developers at Autodesk in San Francisco. Apply now!  Deadline is January 17, 2015.

  • Have a great idea for a new product that leverages an Autodesk web service?
  • Want up close and personal help from Autodesk to turn your idea into a working prototype?
  • Interested in  face to face help and learning from Autodesk Cloud Engineers?
  • The 2015 Autodesk Cloud Accelerator is a two week program to be held from March 9 – March 20, 2015 at the Autodesk San Francisco office.  It is for up to 14 creative software developers.
AutoDesk Cloud Accelerator

AutoDesk Cloud Accelerator – a great opportunity

How it works:

During the accelerator, participants will work intensively on a chosen project with the help, support and training of the Autodesk Cloud Engineering teams.

Participants in the Cloud Accelerator will benefit from three key opportunities:

  • Learning – the program includes daily classes by industry experts
  • Master tools of the trade – get immersed in important aspects of cloud development
  • 1-on-1 help – get help from Autodesk Cloud Engineering experts in real time

At the end of the Accelerator, you will also have the opportunity to present your prototype to senior Autodesk Executives.

Too costly for you?

Autodesk recognizes two weeks of time out of the office, as well as travel and living costs, is a large investment.  To partially offset these costs, Autodesk will pay lodging costs for all the developers in this first class (14 nights in a hotel).  Up to 2 people from a single company will be accepted so be clear in your proposal if this is for 1 or 2 people (maybe you want both a product designer and developer to participate?).  All other expenses are the responsibility of the participants including airfare and food (though you can be confident Autodesk will be buying a number of lunches and dinners for the class).

For more information, please click the link below; here’s where you can apply also!


Rosanna D, VTN